Digital or cryptocurrencies flows in the world since 2009 with us, the first crypto currency Bitcoin widely adopted. Digital currency systems combine advanced encryption technology with a network of users and distributed computer systems.

The advantages that cryptocurrencies can offer over conventional payment methods are really remarkable: they allow people to store and transfer their money securely and safely without an external agency: it is not necessary to have banks or intermediates. For the first time in the history of finance, an individual can have complete control over their own funds and can send money anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes, without having to send banks, company payment or any other third parties, virtually no cost.

ATC Coin is the digital currency that serves for ATC ecosystem as fuel: can be used as an external currency in the same way that you can spend bitcoins or dollars to buy goods or services. ATC Coin can also be used internally to the ATC functions, for example to create tokens, for the transmission of the storage of data or transaction fees to pay.

ATC COIN digital currency, gives the user a complete financial freedom.