We use our own community ATC members as the first wave. ATC Coin is open source and we already have very positive feedback from the cryptocurrency community, so we do not doubt that ATC Coin will attract much interest. We offer you the opportunity to take ATC Coin mining and avoid unusual problems you can buy at mining equipment as usual delay in the losses due to delivery break, eliminating the need to spend a power supply or a sufficient cooling experience. We have mining facilities worldwide. We are a Limited Liability Company based in the UK 100% guaranteed and safe, easy to compromise.

Business Facilities

Now at establishment, we simply build a user base. In the future, we will accept payment for our ATC business and give our users the opportunity to register local and global business offices soon to create space "Atccoin Accepts Here". Along with this, we will open an exchange as demand grows, people will find their own ways to use it. We have no control. We have created a way that it can serve its purpose in the best way possible.


We use the open source code, which is also used by Bitcoin and creates our own version. It's on GitHub. We have built a very transparent system around ATC Coin. Anyone can download, check, and suggest improvements. There are no hidden catches, no backdoor and no manipulation in our code. It is open to the world because we believe in transparency.

Build Infrastructure

We already have the infrastructure as part of our ATC Business. This will support ATC Coin. Today, we have offices and resources in the United Kingdom that give us the opportunity to "touch", both in terms of marketing for compliance. Each new step we will take is a separate project that takes time and commitment. The first and most difficult step was taken. Now we have to take it to the next level. We expect this to be the best cryptocurrency in the world in all aspects.