A Payments Solution to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments
Generally upto 5X Cheaper and upto x10000 Faster.

Benefits of using System

  • 01

    Use our decentralized trust and reputation system.

  • 02

    Accept Cryptocurrencies

  • 03

    Easily convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

How it works

Clients will pick their items, add them to the cart and select that they will pay through the ATC gateway instead of other available options such as credit card or PayPal.

The amount needed to pay is converted to the selected cryptocurrency from traditional currency in real-time. Client will make payment using his Crypto Wallet. Money arrives in merchant’s smart contract wallet in approximately 2 minutes. The amount of cryptocurrency received is exchanged to a merchant’s preferred fiat currency according to the merchant’s preference via crypto exchange API.

Merchants will be able to choose the frequency at which crypto tokens are converted to fiat, the local currency to exchange to, time of sending money to their bank account, and many other options. ATC is easy, fast, cheap, and guaranteed by smart contracts.

Fraud Prevention with a

Global Decentralized Reputation and Trust System

The trust rate will be available and visible to everyone in the ecosystem so that parties are incentivized to increase their trust rating, which will enable better decision-making and a safer e-commerce environment. Moreover, we will offer incentives such as a reduced transaction fee, faster transaction times, etc., for those who hold higher ratings and proven history. This level of transparency could decrease fraud significantly or at least make it more difficult.

To illustrate this point, Kevin Kelly, the author of a book titled “Out of Control”, wrote: “A pretty good society needs more than just anonymity. An online civilization requires online anonymity, online identification, online authentication, online reputations, online trust holders, online signatures, online privacy, and online access. All are essential ingredients of any open society.”

We bring this to the next level. We want to create a transferable trust system so that every merchant, big and small, retail or e-commerce, will be able to join a global decentralized trust rating system by accepting mobile payments with ATC.

Accepted For

Bus ticket

You’re looking to buy bus tickets for travel in India, this could be your ticket With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to purchase tickets using by online bus ticket booking portal . And user get attractive discount which makes trip cost effectively

Flight Ticket

It's quick One of the most important thing is that ATC is speedy payment because atc token is not controlled by any financial institution so Atc not streching out the processing time of transaction , Atc sent instantly from the sender to reciver

Hotel Booking

Hotel booking is the most important part of our trip bad hotel experince it is just like a salt suger combination . So atc Hotel partners are well reputed hotels which will satisfy uses and it will provide Hasstel free services to his clienty


Recharge with atc coin is instanat and hasstel free services . Atc coin eliminate the banking fees which makes it easy to accessible

Bill Payment

Insatant world wide payment Atc is based on blockchain technology ,transaction costs of atc coin are low and payments can take place almost immediately and worldwide.

Utility Services

Atc provide hasstel free bill payment system which saves the time of users and they enjoyed continue utility services, so go with atc coin for uninterrupted and safeer services