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We providing lots of cashback reward & many more while you shoping by ATC Shoping Card.

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What you can do with ATC Shoping Card ?

A Payments Solution to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments For Everything.

On boarding the right team players

Bus Ticket

you’re looking to buy bus tickets for travel in India, this could be your ticket With just a few clicks, you’ll be able...

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Flight Ticket

One of the most important thing is that ATC is speedy payment because atc token is not controlled by any financial...

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Hotel Booking

Hotel booking is the most important part of our trip bad hotel experince it is just like a salt suger combination .


meaning that users are able to send and receive payments to or from anyone on the network around the world.

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Recharge with atc coin is instanat and hasstel free services . Atc coin eliminate the banking fees which make...

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Bill Payment

Insatant world wide payment Atc is based on blockchain technology ,transaction costs of atc coin are low and payments.

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Utility Services

Atc provide hasstel free bill payment system which saves the time of users and they enjoyed continue utility services...

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